Why choose a WALDA member?

WALDA is dedicated to advancing the profession of landscape design in Western Australia. We encourage our members to adhere to a code of professional standards, to actively participate in continuing education through professional development days and to be current with the developments and trends within the industry.

The association requires its members to pass a rigorous peer review assessment which offers consumers access to qualified & experienced designers. Today, WALDA is recognised as the peak industry body for landscape designers in Western Australia. We are a rapidly growing group of professionals trained to creatively respond to our unique Western Australian climate and conditions.

Choosing a WALDA member is your assurance that you have engaged a landscape professional with a sound understanding of design principles, construction and a comprehensive knowledge of soils and plants.

Landscaper or landscape designer?

Your first port of call should always be a landscape designer. Choosing a landscaper first would be like engaging a builder to build your home without a plan.

Some larger companies offer a design and install service, which will include the services of a landscape designer as part of the package. Ensure the landscaping company has qualified designers on board.

How do I know who to choose?

Before you decide on your landscape designer, consider the scope and emphasis of your outdoor project. Landscape design is a multifaceted discipline and selecting the right person may require some research. Some designers specialise in the aesthetic and horticultural aspects of the design with an emphasis on sustainability. Others have experience in larger structural projects and can work with your architect at the earliest stages of your house design and construction. Check out the members gallery and find the spaces that you like or feel attracted to. The gallery is linked back to individual websites to help you with your decision.

What should I spend on my garden?

A beautiful, well-designed garden adds between 15% and 20% to the overall value of your property. You should plan to spend around 10% of the anticipated overall current value of your property if you don't want to overcapitalise.

I am building a new home. How early should I engage a landscape designer?

It's never too early to start thinking about your landscape. In fact, if you engage a landscape designer early, they can assess your house design in terms of how it will work with the future garden. If required they can also work effectively in collaboration with your chosen Architect, Interior Designer and builder in ensuring the best possible design outcome. Engaging a designer early will also encourage you to be realistic about your landscaping budget. Your house will not be ready to be fully enjoyed without your garden.