Dr Anne Vale is an author, historian, lecturer and garden photographer. She records and assesses gardens with history through her consulting practice Heriscapes. She has written garden guides and histories on significant Australian heritage gardens including Dalvui, Mawarra, Wombat Park and Burnley.

Anne is the author of award winning Exceptional Australian Garden Makers (2014). The sequel, Influential Australian Garden People, which follows the influences of the next generation, is due to be published late 2016. Anne has contributed articles to the online directory on Australian Women Leaders, the Australian Garden History Society journal, Historic Gardens Review journal, RHS Remembering Melbourne and she is an author for the garden blog Garden Drum. 


Influential Australian Garden People: The Mind Shapers 
Writers, educators and media communicators shape the way we think about the art of garden making. In the 21st century we are bombarded with garden related information. Much of our knowledge comes from electronic sources such as blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media yet increasingly we are also rediscovering the value of the printed word. We have a new generation of writers and educators in Australia today who communicate to us through these multiple media platforms. We have some outstanding oratorians who have the capacity to stimulate our thinking about how we incorporate the natural world of gardens into our fast paced lifestyles. Collectively they give us a snapshot of opinion from individuals who are both informed and actively engaged with shaping the way we understand the nature of garden making in the second decade of the 21st century.

Influential Australian Garden People: The Garden Creators 
Jim Fogarty, Myles Baldwin and Janine Mendel create totally different style gardens but like the rest of their 21st century contemporaries they share many similar influences. The scent of rosemary around the sandpit, planting carrots as a five year old, or running free in the Australian bush are just some of the common childhood experiences that have sparked an interest in the natural world. Science, architecture or the arts are just some of the paths taken by these influential Australian Garden People. Collectively they have a wealth of expertise, passion and individual vision. We can journey with them as they relate their own experiences and express their own philosophies. This generation represents a fundamental shift in the values and beliefs attached by our society to nature, landscape and cultivated spaces.