Daniel has over 17 years’ experience as a practicing Landscape Architect and Urban Designer with a strong concept design and ideas focus. He works with a sustainable approach to design that seeks to address the social, economic and environmental imperative of a place. He has developed his interest in design process through both his professional work experience and in his selected competition entries.

His extensive career has led to experience in a wide ranging variety of projects across differing scales and functions. This has given him experience at all stages of project life cycles and provided problem solving skills in some of Australia’s most complex landscape and urban designs. His work at UDLA allows him to play a pivotal role in the design culture and overall direction of the studio.


Public gardens - a rare landscape typology
It seems that the 'public garden' is becoming an increasingly rare landscape typology amongst the myriad public domain projects that a Landscape Architect contends with these days. It exists primarily as a legacy landscape often associated with council municipal or memorial gardens of the great zoological and botanic parks that were mostly established in the formative year of Australian towns and cities, having been downgraded by limited maintenance budgets and perceived relevance to communities. But is the public garden starting to find a new expression in a new context? Could the New Acton precinct in Canberra be a leading example of a 're-contextualised public / private garden'? In this talk, Daniel Firns will unravel and lay bare the ideas, influences, opportunities and obsessions that ultimately gave form to this innovative and multi-award winning project that has changed Canberra revealing the potency of a layered and multi-disciplinary approach to public garden design.