Andy Hamilton Studio is an Auckland based landscape design practice. The studio was established in 2015 by landscape architect Andy Hamilton following eleven years practicing in the UK during which Andy worked as an associate of Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd, an internationally recognised practice based in London. During his time working with Tom Stuart-Smith Andy created gardens in the UK and around the world. 

Projects in the UK included large country estates and town gardens.  The practice also designed show gardens for three Chelsea Flower Shows in 2006, 2008 and 2010, each garden received a gold medal with two winning best in show.  Andy was the project manager responsible for the 2006 Daily Telegraph garden which won best in show.

Andy has designed gardens around the world including two gardens in France, one in Paris and a beach garden on Ile de Re; two gardens on the Spanish island of Ibiza; two gardens on the Caribbean island of Mustique; and two gardens in India working with Studio Mumbai architects, one in Kerala and one outside Mumbai.  The most recent international garden to be completed is a public garden in Marrakech, Morocco.  The garden comprises two courtyards one planted with exotic plants from around the world, the other a restoration of a traditional Islamic courtyard garden. 

Andy’s work in New Zealand is primarily focussed on country properties with a number of urban gardens in the Auckland area.  The studio still collaborates with Tom Stuart-Smith on international projects.


Naturalism, guiding principles for planting design
This talk will explore how the principles and movements associated with naturalism have informed my approach to designing large planting schemes for a diverse range of projects around the world, including, Morocco, Southern India, the Caribbean, Ibiza, England and France.  Without necessarily having the horticultural expertise for each location I sought to create landscapes with a distinct atmosphere informed through a careful study of planting associations and patterns in the local landscape.

A cultural context of garden making
will discuss some of the different cultural associations with landscape observed during the making of gardens in very diverse regions of the world.  The varying traditions of garden making and the character of the surrounding natural environment often prompt profoundly different responses to a typical design brief.  Some of what I have observed has helped shed light on the importance of a human connection with landscape in both traditional and modern day life.